Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Frill Grill - Brunch

So last weekend we ventured out for brunch at No Frill Grill. I love NFG for it's food and atmosphere but somehow in the past 2 years had not been for Sunday brunch. The brunch menu is small but hits all your brunch favorites, plus they have the whole normal menu. To top it off they have $3 brunch cocktails, including Bloody Mary, mimosa, and others. Definitely ideal for the brunch-going crowd..

I decided to try the croissant "french" bread brunch item. Delicious. This french bread really stood out because it used croissants as the bread...yum! Super tasty and soft with just a little crust which is how I like it! All brunch options come with cheesy hash browns and a cup of fruit salad. The hash browns were clog yo' artery good, though a bit over the top since brunch tends to be carb-heavy. The fruit salad was decent, though I don't think I've ever seen too much fruit, and these were awfully small cups. My husband had fried chicken and biscuits topped with gravy. His was super heavy but extra delicious. I think he walked out waiting for a heart attack to hit him in the street. 

The friends we went with ordered off the regular menu, a salad and a crab cake sandwich platter. The salads at NFG are awesome and never disappoint. I didn't hear our other friend complain about the crab cakes, so I assume they too were tasty.

So yeah, NFG...great restaurant, great brunch, go tomorrow. But make sure you can enjoy the brunch cocktails...that's my only regret!

Cost: great deal, $$ ($8-$13)
Food: awesome, 2 thumbs up
Atmosphere: chill but nice, 2 thumbs up

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