Saturday, August 29, 2009

Louisville - Bearno's

A few nights ago we were out drinking, and decided to grab some dinner. Everyone of course wanted pizza, so we ventured to Bearno's which was the closest pizza place relative to our location on Bardstown Road. I hadn't heard anyone mention Bearno's had good pizza for this neighborhood, and there's a reason why. It's not that great, though it's not the worst I've ever had either.

We decided to go with the Mama Bearno's special (read "supreme" style) and the barbecue chicken. My biggest complaint about both was the abundance of cheese. Obviously cheese is essential on a pizza, but this was not the right ratio. I could barely taste the pizza sauce on the Mama B's special or the crust on either. Which brings me to the crust...if you like thin crust, I guess you'd like this. However for me, I like to taste the crust so it wasn't enough. I will say I preferred the barbecue chicken over the Mama B's special, probably because I could taste all the flavors better while the Mama B's somewhat ran together. For the price, I think I'll keep searching for something better on Bardstown Road.

What I will say good about Bearno's is the fun and laid back atmosphere. We ventured to the back porch (up top) where we had a great view of the band playing. There was cornhole and darts up there as well. There was a decent enough selection of draft beer (available by the pitcher) which was good.

Overall, I'll happily return to Bearno's for fun, but not for food.

Bearno's of Bardstown

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Angie Bartley said...

Have you tried Fat Jimmy's pizza? That is one of our favorite places... the one we like is on Frankfort Ave and it's just a little hole in the wall store front pizza place but it's really good. They also have sandwiches. :) I agree about Bearnos though, it's not been my favorite and I'm a huge pizza fan. Another one of my favorites is Wick's pizza. The Mighty Meaty Wick is very very good.