Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Louisville - Toast on Market

After visiting Lynn's I was disappointed about the breakfast options in town and my faith in Food Network plunged as I had never thought imaginable. Imagine my surprise when I visited Toast on Market and had perhaps the most amazing breakfast ever. Several locals had mentioned the deliciousness that is Toast, and I was finally able to take them up on the recommendation.

Toast is located in the heart of Nulu amidst art galleries and antique stores galore. Offering only breakfast and lunch, Toast is able to focus on great ideas and ingredients to round-out their menu. My group went for an early Sunday brunch and all decided to order breakfast.
Unfortunately because of the hour we were unable to enjoy their supposedly wonderful mimosas - options included Apple Cider Mimosa, Bellini, and traditional (made with fresh squeezed OJ!). There were so many amazing sounding options on the menu I didn't know where to start!

So I decided to try the Huevos Ahogados "Drowned Eggs" and a side order of lemon souffle pancakes to get the best of both worlds. Drowned eggs may sound unappetizing, but imagine two perfectly poached eggs (you can choose easy, medium or hard poached...and they listen!) floating in a light and perfectly spicy tomato-cilantro broth. Yum! The lemon souffle pancakes were topped with a light lemon custard and blueberries and it was perfectly delightful. Other things ordered in my groups included the Monte Cristo french toast, Mediterranean omelet, and homemade granola. Though I didn't try the latter, the first two were also amazing. The Monte Cristo was a great twist on two classic dishes with nice hint of orange to complement the flavors. The Mediterranean omelet was cooked exactly as the patron asked (which says a lot to me when the restaurant is packed) and the flavors including the bite of the feta with the roasted vegetables was wonderful.

Overall Toast was amazing. I can't wait to take some family there when they come to visit so they too can experience it...and I can try more of the offerings. And if the food was amazing enough, the price was also great. For my husband I to have two full entrees and two sides (he had a side of, what he says was, delicious sausage) it was only $22. Compare that to the $30 we spent at Lynn's and I think you see my point.

So, get on down to Toast and have a delicious meal made with new fresh ideas!

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