Thursday, October 1, 2009

Louisville: 732 Social

A few weeks ago my husband and I walked by 732 Social, saw the crowd, glanced at the menu, and said "we must come back." Fortunately we had the opportunity to visit last night with his parents, and enjoyed every second. Though the farm-to-table food and organic wine concept isn't new, it is one of the few in Louisville. 732 Social takes this concept and transforms these flavors into comfort food at its best, all inside the Green Building in East Market that is heated through solar panels and has fresh herbs and vegetables growing on the roof.

The menu at 732 Social is small, but offers plenty when fully understood how to mix all the options. Various types of cheeses (from each cow, sheep, goat, and ewe) and house-made charcuterie are offered as way to kick start this awesome meal. We tried all of the cheeses and loved every second. The toasted black walnuts served The rest of the menu is split into small and large plates that the server encouraged we share. By incorporating these small plates the size of the menu grows. I decided to stick with all small plates while the others got one small plate and one large to share.

The small plate options we tried included the roasted beet salad, the special heirloom tomato and watermelon salad, the heffeweizen braised artichoke and the potatos au gratin. The salads were nice and light with great flavor combintations. The braised artichoke was delicious, with great flavors in the stuffing. The best small plate was definitely the potatoes au gratin though that I would eat until fat if given the option. It was that good. Small plates all cost less than $11, and I could easily have been full off of only 2 of these.

The large plate options tried included the cast iron roasted mussels, the Berkshire pork rib, the steak au poivre, and the whole striped bass (a special). All were amazing but I think I liked the pork rib best. It was fall off the bone, melt in your mouth good. The bass was served with a delicious black walnut vinaigrette for dipping it in that was awesome and a perfect complement to this light fish. Large plates range in price from $11 to $26 but the specials may be in the $30s.

The wine, cocktail, and beer list at Social was also very extensive, much of which were organic or bio-dynamic. They had several available by the glass ($6-8.50) which is always nice. The server was very knowledgeable about the wine list because all servers also work shifts as bartender which I think is really smart.

A trip to Social will not disappoint. Though it may not be the cheapest meal around, I could easily be satisfied off a $25 (pre tax/tip) meal or a $50 meal. Either way it is well worth it and I look forward to returning and trying more - especially that ratatouille and beef short ribs - soon!

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