Monday, May 31, 2010

Louisville - Seviche

The restaurant scene in Louisville never ceases to surprise me. Having experienced the rich Cuban flavors of Havana Rumba should have prepared me for the Caribbean flavors of Seviche, but somehow I was still happily surprised. From the delicious fresh seviche for appetizers to the new twist on classic cocktails, Seviche left me wanting to return for me. (Unfortunately, I went on the weekend I was moving out our house, but more about that later.) But before starting my review, let me first voice both a compliment and complaint: they do online reservations through Open Table (2 thumbs up!) but we still had to wait 20 minutes for a table (2 thumbs down for poor planning). Now on to the good stuff!

Having just driven from Virginia, a cocktail was needed immediately. I decided to try a fun drink that I forget the name of (sorry!). It was basically a caipirinha but it used mango vodka instead of cachaca. Yum! They also had a nice wine selection in addition to the various Caribbean drinks.

For an appetizer we had to get a seviche of course and decided to try the wild Salmon special of the day. It had a hot red aioli alongside it (whoa!) but was so light and fresh like any good seviche should. We also tried the pecan crusted brie with habenero jelly which a surprisingly large portion to share for our table.

For entrees we each had something different including the (pictured from the top, clockwise) macadamia crusted black cod, the Muggs bistec, and the Pacific halibut and crab cigar. Each were so different and so flavorful and served with a delicious sauce that complemented and decorated the plate. The cod had a nice crunch from the crust. The bistec had a nice fried egg on top that lent to the creaminess of the steak. The crab cigar was nice and crunchy with a spicy red chili ginger butter. The fish was all of superb quality (thank you to the UPS hub in Louisville) and the flavors were all fresh and flavorful. Overall, I would definitely recommend Seviche to anyone visiting Louisville or locals who just haven't had a chance to visit! Oh and the last perk? They are a Louisville Original so you can earn mad points towards another great meal!

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