Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Enrico's Ristorante

So the other day I went to Enrico's for lunch in a group of about 20. Though somewhat off the normal path, it's on Colley so near to Ghent, but also near to ODU at 40th Street. This place was quite good all around, and I heard this from multiple people. It's kind of Italian and Mediterranean but also American food.

I had a Mediterranean Pita ($6.99). Excellent. Chicken, lettuce, feta, and tzatziki sauce wrapped in flatbread. The wrap was awesome, mostly by the combo of the feta and tzatziki sauce. Nice and creamy with lots of great flavors. You get one side (option fries, pasta salad, or veggie of the day). I got the pasta salad (pasta, tomatoes, herbs, feta, and olive oil) which was very good and not too oily like patsa salad tends to be at most restaurants. Two coworkers of mine also raved about their meals. One had a hamburger and commented, that "it was best hamburger I've had in all my 51 years!" at $6. The other had a crab cake sandwich which he said was excellent; I think was a special that day and cost around $9. They also agreed the pasta salad was unexpectedly good for a side.

The service was also very good. I've been to enough restaurants with large groups to see how they can screw it up (such as last week's visit to Ruby Tuesday with 35 people for a retirement). But the service for this was good, quick and courteous.

Food - 3.5 forks
Cost - $$ ($12 for lunch, $20 for dinner)
Atmosphere - 1 thumb up

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