Friday, July 11, 2008

Krush - Old Town Portsmouth

So a girlfriend and I decided to go to Krush, mainly because they have an amazing martini list, but also because the food is great. The restaurant itself is a little hidden, but well worth finding. It's hidden off of High Street in Old Town Portsmouth at 515 Washington St. The theme of the restaurant is falling in love....a crush. So the whole menu is set up along this theme. It sounds cheesy but it's really cute. The decor is very playful with modern colors, couch benches, throw pillows, and swinging chairs.

So the first reason to go to Krush is the martini list. They must have about 50 different combinations on there, with everything from your more classic vodka or gin martinis, to whiskey based, to fruity vodka based, to more dessert like concoctions. The best part is, in case you are 1. overwhelmed by all the delicious choices or 2. indecisive, you can do a Krush 'tini trio - 3 mini martinis for $10. My friend and I enjoyed a trio each with our meal, and then had a trio of dessert martinis for dessert. Delicious :) Not on the menu, but by far my favorite combo was the Pear Martini. The bartender told us about it and it was delicious! For dessert martinis I especially liked the French Kiss and the Chocolate Kiss. Delish!

For our meals my friend and I each got an entree: me the mahi mahi ($24.50) and her the Atlantic salmon ($22). My mahi was amazing. 4 large pieces of mahi, grilled, topped with a type of onion and fruit chutney, served over smashed yukon potatoes and topped with snow peas. It was awesome. the mahi was cooked perfect and the flavors on top really completed the fish. The snow peas were perhaps the best snow peas I've ever eaten...I know that sounds silly but they really tasted great! My friend said that her salmon was delicious as well. It was served with a seaweed salad and polenta cakes and looked awesome. It seems a bit odd to put those flavors (seaweed salad and polenta) together on a plate, but if it works it works.

In short, I will definitely try to make it back to Krush soon. Though I have a feeling that the Ladies night on Wednesdays (half price on select martinis, wines and appetizers) may be the best bet. The food was awesome, but to be honest, I'll go back for the drinks and company.

I'll give it 4 forks, $$$$ (figure around $50/person), and 1.5 thumbs on the atmosphere (decor is a little cheesy...)

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