Monday, July 28, 2008

Voila! - Restuarant Week #2

For dining experience number 2 of restaurant week I headed to Voila! with my husband and in-laws. Somehow we had yet to experience this wonderful little French bistro-esque place, but luckily Restaurant week remedied that! The atmosphere inside the restaurant is really quaint yet hip at the same time. The decor varies from a Korean robe to impressionist art work, showing the varied international fusion to which the restaurant claims its name.

Before our meal came out the chef had prepared an amuse bouche, which is always a nice little treat. This time it was cucumber topped with smoked salmon and some type of creme based sauce. It was just enough to tempt my palate.

For my appetizer I had the Fromage de Chevre en Croute, or chevre cheese wrapped in puff pastry drizzled with strawberry sauce. It was delicious, but as my husband pointed out, more of a dessert than an appetizer due to its rich creaminess. My husband had the ceviche which was amazing though. The lime juices cooked the tuna and scallops just the right amount and the scallops and the cilantro paired with it brought a fresh taste.

For the entree I had seabass en papillote, or seabass on top of julienne vegetables baked in parchment paper. The seabass was wonderful and extremely moist, partially due to its being cooked in the parchment paper. My husband had the veal, which though I am not typically a veal eater, it was well done (not temperature of course) and extremely well paired with the forest mushrooms and sauce.

For dessert I had the creme brulee, perhaps my favorite dessert, that was excellent. It can't be a French inspired restaurant without amazing creme brulee in my personal opinion! The cheesecake and apple tart were also delicious.

Overall, well worth a visit outside of restaurant week to see the full menu!

Food: 4 forks
Cost: $$$ (for restaurant week)
Atmosphere: 2 thumbs up

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